* Selected for the 2015 New York New Works Theatre Festival from 500 Entries. 1 of 26 Semi-Finalists.

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A One-Act Play
written by Carrie Robbins.


You could say Le WEDDING DRESS is just about the purchase of a fancy white dress.
But anyone who thinks about clothes even a bit knows that a dress, especially a wedding dress, is about a lot more than that. Sometimes clothes are about attraction, sometimes about hiding, sometimes
about power, sometimes about grief. Lack of clothing? Well that’s a different play. But sometimes clothes can become the battleground through which families carry on war.
Such is the case in Le WEDDING DRESS.
Often the only person who gets to observe this ‘war dance’ is the person who makes the dress or makes the sale, or both. And to the warring parties, that person is just wallpaper.
The war rages on as if the person isn’t there at all. Fitters & sales folk are used to this. Yet amazingly, they keep trying to find a way to make the client happy.
And though Le WEDDING DRESS may seem almost farce, it’s pretty close to the truth as I have observed it.

* * * * * * *


Before being submitted to the New York New Works Theatre Festival, Le WEDDING DRESS received its first reading as part of the 29th Street Playwrights' Collective development.
29th St.Playwrights' Collective is an off-spring of the Dramatists Guild, and has just past its 1st year in business.

Le WEDDING DRESS was performed as part of the 2015 New York New Works Theatre Festival at Elektra Theatre, Times Square Arts Center. W. 43rd St at 8th Ave.

Le WEDDING DRESS featured 3 players:
* Jodie Gelb as Josette, Proprietor of Le Salon
* Kristie Dale Sanders as Mother-of-the-Bride
* Jenne Vath as The Bride-to-Be
& was directed by Paul Dobie

Le wedding Dress