CHOSEN BY LEAGUE of PROFESSIONAL THEATRE WOMEN in Celebration of its 30th Anniversary.

A dark quartet of short pieces by Carrie Robbins from stories by RD Robbins, MD.
Somewhat of an UN-comfortable evening devoted to thoughts on a variety of ways to die with visual aids & a few songs


A lone Dragon, milleniums old, his fire-breathing capacities down to barely a puff, waits patiently for the end til suddenly in the sky, a silver orb.... Could it be?

Even with a "medical degree" honed on the streets, Dr. Schizo still manages to out-diagnose the Best and the Brightest of Big-Urban-U Medical Center. After all, he has plenty enough educated voices in his head with whom to consult.

(an excerpt from "The Death & Life of Dr. Cutter")
A young doctor battles the absurdities of the medical world.
In this 'episode', after 13 years' higher education, Dr. Cutter is about to open his new Practice, but his 1st patient is almost his last.
Warning: Not for the faint-of-stomach.

Winter, 1945. A camp. Cold.

Though a drunk and a lout and a prick, Commandant Her Oberschaarfuhrer Dietz considered himself the raw material of a brilliant & prescient scientific mind.
His question today:
"Can a Gypsy's kidney be transplanted into
a Jew, and the Jew survive?"

Good thing for Dietz he has plenty of Gypsies and plenty of Jews on whom to experiment. Now all he has to do is find a qualified Jew to do the surgery he has in mind. BUT WHO WOULD HAVE EXPECTED HE'D CHOOSE A VICTIM WITH A TASTE FOR FREEDOM ?


·Chosen as part of the League of Professional Theatre Women's celebration of its 30th year anniversary’s theatrical events throughout 2012.
·Performed at The Playroom Theatre (W. 46th Street) to 3 full houses Friday April 13, Sunday April 15, & Monday April 16 with director Deborah Savage helming Parts 1 through 3 & director Robert Kalfin on Part 4.
·Frank Anderson*
·Ivy Austin*
·Matt Bretschneider*
·Stephen Hauck*
·Eric Kuttner*
·Jed Peterson*
·Joe Popson*
·Erika Rolfsrud*
·Ric Ryder*
·Douglas Taurel*
·Charles Turner*
·Jenne Vath*
·The evening also included 2 songs from "Dr. Cutter", music by Shelly Gartner, lyrics by Robbins and slideshows by Annie Cleveland & Robbins
·State Managers:
·David Rosenberg
·Joseph Fletcher
·Lighting: Joan Racho-Jensen


ll 4 plays take place in a single black box space with a few carefully chosen species-specific props, 13 black chairs, & simple powerpoint projection facility.